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Love it or hate it, this is a movie any adventurous cinema buff should see at least once.

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With its cast of then-unknowns, some of whom would go on to be stars (Matthew Mc Conaughey, Ben Affleck, Anthony Rapp, Parker Posey and Milla Jovovich), this movie is a culture snapshot of both the mid-70s and the mid-90s.— ‘Vertigo’Starts streaming: August 16One of the director Alfred Hitchcock’s best-known and most acclaimed thrillers arrives on Netflix this month.With the networks keeping their actual schedule close to their chest (some keep actual launch dates flexible until the weeks leading up to the premiere), this is our best guess so far. We still don’t know which celebrities will be travelling to the South African jungle but the show has been keeping us guessing via social media. We can’t wait to watch more adults climb on monkey bars and fall into pools of failure, all while we sit on our butts chowing down on KFC.So far, we’ve been told the cast includes an American sitcom star, a comedian, an obligatory AFL player and two feuding celebs. drawing its worst ratings on record, this year Channel Seven promises to change up the format. Oh, plus this year party-boy Corey Worthington is confirmed to be taking on the course – random.Frustrated by how rarely they get to see their grown sons, they decide to do a surprise drop-in.Set mostly in New York City — where all three men live in varying states of arrested adolescence — the film is partly about how micromanaging moms sometimes struggle to adjust to their new parenting reality.

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