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However, Yancey's research also discovered that having a home in an integrated community or going to a church or synagogue with an ethnic mix of people did not increase interdating to the degree of going to an integrated secondary school or college. A study of teenagers found that they had a very positive attitude about interdating.

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Even in 1924, new laws were being passed against these relationships.

Asian American women picked the African-American men as dating partners, but then, most likely in response to parental expectations, chose the Asian-American men to marry and for raising a family.

The sociologist George Yancey has conducted a number of studies regarding attitudes toward interracial dating.

Few Asian women were living in America at the time, so dating was problematic, and the men could not bring anyone over to the U. In a 2002 study, about 330 California college students were questioned about their preference for dating versus marriage and having children.

Because they were the majority American population, whites in the study usually chose marrying someone of their own race rather than another one.

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