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The French and the Scots were bound by the Auld Alliance dating back to 1295 and by this if either of them were invaded by the English, the other was required to attack.

He granted them additional lands, as well as conferring the title of Duke of Norfolk on Thomas’ father and Earl of Surrey on Thomas.

Thomas was sent north in that year to put down a rebellion in Yorkshire and he remained in this area as the King’s lieutenant until 1489.

This period “up north” was to prove invaluable to him in the future.

Surrey mustered troops from Yorkshire, Lancashire and Northumberland in Newcastle, with his son, Thomas bringing additional troops by sea.

At the beginning of September 1513, the troops travelled northwards towards the border to meet King James IV’s army who had already captured Norham Castle, crossed the River Tweed into Northumberland and were near Branxton and the Milfield Plain ready for battle.

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