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Allen Iverson and crew tried to play cards like it was a normal night. Still, it was his life that would change when the sun came up. Time was as precious a luxury as there could be in the world surrounding the league's most polarizing player. He walked up to Allen and spoke in a low, controlled tone. He owned hotels on Park Place, Boardwalk and even Marvin Gardens—not to mention a controlling interest in the Electric Company. It created so many memories for us."Jackson would pick Iverson up before school, and they would sing Boyz II Men or Jodeci the whole ride, hoping the tape wouldn't pop. There's a red velvet pool table, several pictures of him with Iverson and a signed and framed De Sean Jackson jersey.

A convoluted mash-up of swagger, naivete and confusion. Despite Moore's best laid plans, there was never enough time. "I Gary Moore sits in the upstairs game room of the four-bedroom, comfortably appointed home he shares with his wife Phyllis on a lush golf course in Suffolk, Virginia.

Gary Moore, Iverson's longtime manager, piloted the 0,000 coupe down the shoulder of the annoyingly packed thoroughfare. Boys were known to go to the store and try on three or four outfits as a ruse to get to know one of the sales girls. Tawanna lived on the other side of town in a nice neighborhood, and Iverson would often sneak into her house long after her parents fell asleep to be with her.

Iverson arrived at the arena 10 minutes before tipoff. He had been looking for a reason to trade him, spent many hours in Sixers general manager Billy King's office complaining about Iverson. Hours earlier, Bethel High had captured the 1993 Virginia state boys basketball championship behind Iverson's verve and moxie. Now, his teammates had gathered in his hotel room to engage in one of his lifelong passions: Monopoly. The discarded bones are neatly lined up on the edge of the plate."What up, Chris? In 14 seasons, the player he had the most trouble guarding was Steve Nash. If the meeting didn't go well, he was gone."They would have pulled the trigger," says Iverson. His anxiety was made worse when his kids would come home from school with messages from their friends asking Iverson not to leave the Sixers. He owns half a dozen rods and has expert knowledge of hooks, lures and everything else that goes in a tackle box. Sometimes, you'd have to try a half-dozen places before the kid would turn up. He became one of the NBA's most visible, no-nonsense gatekeepers. His first agent, David Falk, never told him anything. Iverson asked him to leave Hampton and come to Philly.

It's been said that life is just a series of snapshots, glimpses of things that have been. This was the same beautifully flawed boy who sparked a revolution without intention. "An entire generation owes him."Chris Paul calls him simply the most influential player of all time. He flew the flag of the underdog and planted it firmly where it made you the most uncomfortable. In a rare, lengthy, wide-ranging interview, Iverson displays a myriad of emotions while bouncing from subject to subject, crashing into questions with both abandon and care. He doesn't miss an opportunity to land a comedic jab at his interviewer. "And I ain't trying to find out."In the afternoon, he picks the kids up from school and gets them ready for dinner. He reminds me a lot of me."On Steph Curry: "How good is this dude where you can't decide what's better, his handle or his jump shot? " I ask."Nobody."I ask him if he could still dunk, and he just laughs. Months later, Colangelo sent Iverson a two-paragraph letter saying he wouldn't be invited to participate."That one really stung," says Iverson. Jackson never quite knew when he was staying there. One day, he saw the kid sauntering down the street."Hey, Chuck! "I need my clippers back."The kid was as quick on his feet as he was on a naked bootleg, so Jackson was ready for any possible excuse."My grandmother's house burned down," said Chuck without hesitation. He knew he would have to answer to his father, but it hardly mattered. He had known Ann Iverson as a teenager from the neighborhood, but they ran with different crowds.

Tiny, personal moments that begin to reveal the measure of a man. The blank spaces replaced instead by assumption, disregard and resentment toward the thing we couldn't figure out. But his complexity, his truth led us to real emotional paydirt. We fetishized his authenticity while giving him complete control over its application. He's got a holster full of zingers and revels in a direct hit. He drops them off at school most days then runs an errand or two. He's a big fan of Ronda Rousey."Could you beat her in the Octagon? In the evening, he and Tawanna will watch a movie or two before going to sleep."I live such a normal life," he says. He wants you to know this."I'm not sitting on the Internet looking for good stories about me. But OK, then what about the f----d-up one they just wrote? In his late 20s, he got a job as a forklift operator at an Avon cosmetics distribution plant where Ann worked in the packaging department.

Moths fluttered around the hopelessly dim porch lights. Darkness covered the neighborhood's working-class splendor. He gave them what little money he had then would win it right back. On this day, Mo—as Iverson called Moore—couldn't work his magic and proved less than equal to Philly's unforgiving traffic snarls. The team was staying in Charlottesville that night. In front of him is a small paper plate piled high with spicy Buffalo wings next to a bottle of Texas Pete hot sauce. Says he'll never become an analyst because he hates criticizing players. He met with Billy King and Larry Brown in a particularly tense meeting in King's office. "I want to get good enough to compete with the best in the world and be on ESPN. Iverson can spend hours at Bass Pro Shops picking out the best equipment. One afternoon, Iverson stopped by Jackson's to tell him about a girl he met at a party. As his manager, he has driven him to over 1,000 games, practices and appearances. Moore, 59, was frustrated with Iverson's carelessness with money. No one ever seemed to check the rearview before they did so. Moore, or whoever drove Allen, faced unrelenting constant pressure. "For real."It wasn't unusual for Iverson to be attached to whomever he was dating, but Jackson had never heard Iverson say he loved a girl before and was slightly taken aback."That's great, Chuck.""Man, you not hearing me," Iverson implored. Other motorists were always pulling onto the shoulder. Jackson knew he wanted to say something."I really like this girl," Iverson finally said. "You guys are great together.""I think I love her," Iverson continued.His trial was still four months away, but you couldn't tell as he moved his game piece—the vintage boot—and wagged a wad full of gold-colored 0 bills. He talked trash and dared people to land on his property. " Iverson says enthusiastically in that familiar rasp. "He's wearing a white T-shirt with gold zippers, several gold chains, baggy blue jeans and white-on-white Air Force 1s fresh out of the box. "I couldn't believe how good he was," he says, shaking his head. He learned his transcendent crossover from a Georgetown walk-on from New York named Dean Berry. "If I say what I really want, there's a lot of people who are going to be pissed off."Would you ever wear skinny jeans? In the end, he would agree that he could work with Brown. He knows the best bait for different types of fish. They had been teammates in youth football, but for the past week, he was a ghost. They ran sprints together on the field behind Aberdeen Elementary. It was Moore's decision to hire personal security when he thought Iverson's nightlife was getting out of hand. Moore says he told Iverson he would oblige, but only if they did it legit.He smiled as he cut side deals with other players to eliminate threats to his budding empire. Bailey would experience a dozen of them in the years to come. His braids are covered by a white do-rag and a backward Yankees fitted. Little-known Marcus Banks was the toughest defender he ever faced. "He was killing me every day in practice, so I finally asked him to show me how to do the move," Iverson remembers. "What the hell would I look like wearing some skinny jeans? Iverson asked to be a captain and promised to set a good example. His main catch are blue fish, stripers and flounders. "Just watch me."He put out word to the kids in the neighborhood that he was looking for Bubba Chuck. Michael Jackson, despite being 12 years old, had developed a reputation as something of a capable barber around the neighborhood though opinions of his work varied. He's been present for nearly every milestone in Iverson's career."God sent me to him all those years ago," he likes to say. He drew up a contract, which outlined his duties and paid him a modest salary that both he and Iverson signed. After all, Moore had helped design Iverson's deferred payment Reebok deal, which included a million payout when he turned 55."Because I didn't want him to retire broke," he says.

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