Adventures in pleasure dating

Despite all this, the last 30 days seem to be passing at a world-record low speed.

I find myself buried in despair, anger, hatred, frustration, irritation…

After much consideration I chose to embark in the world of online dating. I joined a reputable faith-based site or so I thought. After composing myself, I replied that it was a no-go for me and best of luck.

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Now, I’m in the hectic process of moving out, packing, selling furniture and whatnots, and counting down my days until I leave Japan for good. I’m going to leave the infamous cheating culture in the Japanese dating scene here because it’s a whole different issue, but if you want to learn more, click here.* * * I missed my family, my boyfriend, my friends, and everything in the past.Eventually, he packed his things and got up to move to the next car — except when he was about to open the door to the next car, he turned around and gave me a dirty look. If you’re new to Japan or just here for a trip, you’d probably love the trains here — they’re clean, punctual, and quiet.But if you live here, riding the trains can easily be the worst ritual of your day — they’re a microcosm of cold, suppressed, emotionless Japan.

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