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The worst part is I paid around £35 quid for this terrible experience.

It was only by chance after joining that I stumbled across the site I intended to join, uk…

If in doubt, call school/daughter/husband to verify (although in some odd cases, the latter may happily say it is a scam when it is actually not..).

The tea ceremony scam has been a common scam in China for years.

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In an age of smartphones and social media, Chinese scammers are more prone to abandon old tricks and use new technology for their swindling business. Zhou appeared, who introduced himself as an official from an academic institution with the right means to make sure Mr.Similarly, scammers also send out messages telling people that their daughter is a prostitute, providing them with a link for pictures as (non-existent) proof [one of our female Harbin friends was called by her father in the middle of the night, worried sick about his daughter].Another version of this scam is the message from the school administration, telling parents to click the link to see their child’s latest report card.Scammers will even say they are their children’s English or maths teacher, boosting the chances of parents clicking the link provided.The only way to handle these messages is to immediately delete them, without clicking the link attached.

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