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They have given generously of their time and means. Their pay was .00 a month each, their dinners, and 458 WOMEN OF OHIO rolls to carry home for their breakfast.

In these and similar capacities Ohio women have done much to pre- serve religion and religious institutions as a vital power in the com- munity, the state and the nation. They found work from 10 :30 in the morning to 2 :00 in the afternoon for five days in the week at a restaurant.

In some denominations women serve in official capacities, on church hoards and as delegates to denominational and general meetings. They climbed stairs in the old tenement houses, visited the poor, neglected and dis- couraged.

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The obvious answer is that women evidently prefer to give their time and energies to close co-operation in religious work and their leadership to those activities for spiritual, moral and social betterment which are so important, so inseparably a part of the modern church. Ella Mae is the only living incorporator of the original Hope Gospel Mission.

However, Ohio has women ministers, especially in the smaller communities, some of whom are doing excellent work. Bullock) secretary from 1933 to 1938 of the American Association of Women Preachers of Westboro, Ohio was born at Toledo, the daughter of James and Phoebe E. She attended the Auburn School of Religion, took her M. at Rollins College and later took special theological and other courses. Bullock, contractor, and was for 2^2 years pastor of the Con- gregational Christian Church at Plainville, N. But she is still efficient, still enthusiastic, still eager to carry onward her great spiritual adventure.

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