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Many people running a catfish scam will want to talk on other forms of social media as soon as possible so that you don’t flag their Tinder account for spam.So be sure to delay speaking to someone on Whats App, Skype, or text until you’re sure that you can trust them.Since online dating is so popular, online dating platforms are a perfect tool for scammers.And with Tinder being one of the most popular apps, Tinder scams are common.Instead of being used to verify your account, this information is used to register you (and your credit card) for costly subscriptions to adult websites.Users who fall for this scam report that the subscriptions can run up to 0/month and are very difficult to cancel.If someone has a very limited profile and you’re suspicious, consider using a site like to check whether their account is real.

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According to the Tinder FAQ, “Some Tinder profiles are verified to confirm their authenticity.

Furthermore, verification is limited to only certain public figures and brands. The bots mentioned above are just one type of bot using Tinder.

In reality, many different types of bots try to lure users into different scams.

Here are a few ways to spot a potential bot: If you suspect a Tinder match is a bot, there are a few strategies for testing your suspicion.

Challenge suspected bots by asking complicated or very specific questions.

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