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It must meet reasonable standards of cleanliness and show respect for others.Please check with your child’s school for specific dress code or uniform policies.If a parent or guardian violates this policy, he or she may be issued a warning about his or her behavior; may be invited to participate in mediation with school staff; or may be barred from entering school grounds.We want to help prevent conflicts by working together so we can maintain a positive and productive environment for our students and staff members.Cyberbullying is any type of harassment or bullying that occurs through any mobile or electronic device.

DPS school nurses follow the Colorado Board of Health schedule to identify students with immunization needs.

Parents or guardians will be notified if their child is missing required immunizations and vaccines.

Nurse practitioners who support our School-Based Health Centers may prescribe medication for a student, but school nurses may not.

DPS is dedicated to creating an environment that promotes student success, balanced with student rights and responsibilities.

Students have the right to a safe and equitable education that meets individual needs and abilities.

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