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What interests me more is the fact that there are other calendar eras that are in common use today.

If one were tempted to use Joe’s own brain dead logic on the other calendar systems, what would we have to believe?

Let’s do some good old fashioned learnin’ about things, mkay?Well, the Etos Kosmou of the Byzantine Calendar places Creation at the beginning of its year 1, namely 5509 BC. Those feisty muslims have their very own calendar era that they denote AH for the number of lunar years after Muhammad’s migration from Mecca to Medina.So using Joe’s logic, we have proof that that nobody can argue that the world started not in 4004 BC (as Joe insists it did) but in 5509 BC. In Saudi Arabia, if you ask them what year it is, they’ll tell you it is 1431 AH.Domination is frequently founded on little things that people take for granted and/or don't feel are individually worth the trouble of fighting.Collectively, though, all those little things add up to quite a lot and make domination far easier.

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