Active directory dhcp not updating dns

DFS works I've check security settings and the 3 DC's are allowed to update DNS.

I've also set DHCP to forefullyupdate DNS regardless if the client asks or not. If a user gets a lease yesterday say and then another elase today - say the same IP Should the timestamp in DNS not be updated also?

As a side info perhaps helpful, when examining the audit log in the dhcp subdirectory, for a complete week, not a single DNS update is made. Best regards, Tobias Olofsson Tip: If you add you own problems to someone else's thread there is a lower probability of receiving help.

I just want to find a way to let the Linux DHCP clients securely update their own records in Windows AD.This is NOT a criticism or a complaint just a tip for you to obtain better help."Saibot75" If "Secure only Updates" are being used (they should be) the DHCP server might not be authenticating, or it might not be using the correct DNS server set (ONLY), or it might not be a member of the DNSUpdate Proxy groups, or better be using the correct DNS Update credentials with a valid and current password.Hello, my office has a Windows 2003 server network set up using both DHCP and DNS on the DC.We have a problem where all XP machines are getting registered in DNS but our own developed equipment or network printers are not.

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