Accommodating services

In 2017-2018, we provided accommodation to approximately 989 families across Australia.

Most people will be able to stay at one of our properties, located near major treating hospitals throughout Australia.

Local laws about service animals in the workplace vary by province and city.

However, Canada’s federal Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on disability, and not allowing a service animal to enter your premises is typically considered a discriminatory act.

Accommodate allows returning students to request their accommodation letters online each semester.

To relieve the stress and financial burden of attending important medical appointments, we offer subsidised or free (where possible) accommodation to regional and rural patients and their families.

This is achieved through the government subsidy scheme where available and the generosity of the community who donate to the Leukaemia Foundation.

In many properties, our staff will be located onsite or nearby, so they are readily available to assist you.

In some cases, we may not have accommodation available in one of our properties.

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