Accommodating bicycle and pedestrian travel

The 1-mile section has a rural design with two 9-foot lanes, limited 3-foot earth shoulders and adjacent objects in the clear zone making travel on this road uncomfortable for pedestrians and cyclists.Yet this section of Parkers Mill Road represents a line of desired non-motorized travel due to parks, neighborhoods, a local high school, the sidewalk network on Man O War and the excellent bicycling to the west of the city in this area.

A better choice is to place a sign advising folks to share the road.Faster confident bicyclists may tend to travel in the main lanes, but this is not true for younger or less confident bike riders.A chip sealed surface with a relatively thin gravel base may be adequate for many pedestrian and bicycle applications.The study consisted of collection of background information and extensive field data collection.A well-attended meeting of interested neighborhood and community groups defined problems and possible solutions for the particular route.

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