5 dating tips for busy people

For the majority of us, there isn’t a day that goes by that we aren’t on our phones.And let’s face it—it only takes two seconds to send a text.Time may not be on your side, but creating space in your schedule to keep the love alive in your relationship is possible.Here are five ways to keep the spark going in a relationship where you’re both busy.Jay Hurt, expert relationship coach, finds that in his personal life, he still finds a way to reach out to his wife, who is equally as busy.“Even when I’m busy working or away traveling, I’ll send an email or a text to let her know I am thinking about her,” he says.So while you may be swamped with all different types of commitments, that doesn’t mean you should lose sight of love.

Rachel Petty, a senior at James Madison University, finds that even doing the littlest of things together is the most meaningful.“We found it was important to make time for just the two of us,” she says.“Since we have active social lives and a lot of friends in the area, we were often spending our only time off, weekends, with a group of people and rarely had time to spend together.If we think even deeper, we probably have at least 10 free minutes in the day.The excuse, “I was too busy to contact you” won’t fly anymore.

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