3 day rule for dating

Numerous studies over the years have found time and again that straight-talking individuals are perceived as being better dates – there’s no confusion, they just lay it out there and let the other person do with it as they will. Navigating your way through the ever-complex world of dating can be confusing and tiresome.

recently hired encryption expert Moti Yung from Google Inc., highlighting its deepening interest in locking down conversations on the app.Tal Malkin, an associate professor of computer science at Columbia University, where Moti Yung also works, said her colleague “has pioneered and transformed important areas” such as producing digital signatures, thwarting cyberattacks on encryption and computing data securely.“I have no doubt that he will make significant contributions to Snapchat,” Malkin said.The goal is to automate most of the matching process, so that the matchmakers, who are employees, can spend more time signing up customers and vetting people for inclusion in the database.About 70% of the job today is analyzing matches, a figure the company hopes to bring down to as low as 40%.

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