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in relationship, in service and in life.”Rather than the roles-based union of your grandparents, the new paradigm of spiritual partnership is upon us!Learn what it will require of you to “call in” and create a conscious union that is beyond your wildest imaginings.She embodies that rare combination of competence, compassion and deep insight that can actually cause things to happen in other people’s lives.She is a true master and I am inspired by her very presence.”“Katherine Woodward Thomas is a master teacher, who inspired and guided me to see myself as worthy of love.You can also participate in the optional weekly 30-minute live Community Engagement calls that take place after each Saturday course sessions.You could attend one or both of the optional live 60-minute Love Power Group Coaching Calls with our Senior Calling in is getting a make-over!Two weeks later, however, when a friend convinced me to try online dating (this was 15 years ago when no one even had their pictures posted! And that’s when I began teaching this process to my single friends and clients. And since then, I’ve had the honor of successfully helping process has helped them to forever leave behind their painful patterns in love, become magnetic to the love they desire, and go on to create the kind of happy and fulfilling relationship they’ve always yearned for.

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A third bought her first home ever in the part of town she’d always dreamed of living in. When I called a friend from the group to declare my intention, I was relieved that she did not laugh or tell me that a woman over 40 has a better chance of being hit by a bus than to find a wonderful husband.who are conscious, caring individuals and who have done impressive and meaningful things in life—and yet who remain frustrated (and frankly, confused! And hard as I tried to have the story go another way (the endless hours in therapy talking about my relationship “issues,” the countless self-help books read and the many relationship seminars attended) at the end of the day . All the while secretly wondering, however, if maybe I’d never actually been the right person. Yet, by the time I reached my fortieth birthday—in spite of being a psychotherapist who was helping others to have happy, successful and satisfying unions every day, I was a true-blue, card-carrying member of the fastest-growing group in America—the “never marrieds.” I was mortified. Maybe men didn’t like strong, mission-driven women. Maybe I’d waited too long to take my quest for love seriously because by now, it seemed that all the good ones really were already taken. But the men who liked me always turned out to be unavailable in one way or another. Married men, alcoholic men, commitment phobic men, engaged men . If it was an impossible love, I was a magnet for it. ” I’d murmur something about never having met the right person.Of course, there is always more you can do if you have the time and are inspired to do so.You could read the Calling in book along with your program.

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